Well-executed creative, delivering value through both content and visual design, is what puts the power behind the brand within the marketing arena. Whatever form the ad takes — rich media, flash ad unit, animated gif, takeover, microsite or full web site experience with video inclusion, the audience will be drawn to what is visually attractive, what is relevant, and what is interesting.

The goal of the creative asset is to cut through the clutter with a relevant message. Given the visual and verbal complication of today's communication landscape, and numerous ads fighting for the consumer's attention, the task is far more complex.

TargetCast's design process is not a "build something using the latest cool technology" approach. While the format always plays a role, the clarity of the message, the relevance of the content, the accurate projection of the brand, and the overall visual interest and integrity are paramount to building ads that attract. We effectively use the triple threat of sight, sound and motion — to deliver brand building messaging.

Working in close partnership with our clients, and proceeding through our iterative design process of refining these key aspects, we achieve a more targeted final outcome that will outperform the competition in this complex marketplace.

Contact us, and we'll show you how it all works, and demonstrate why our approach is superior.

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