We Seek Answers - Constantly!

TargetCast invests in the development of the tools needed to measure success. In addition to supporting a full suite of syndicated tools, TargetCast has developed several proprietary tools to give our clients a competitive edge in research, planning, implementation and accountability.

Tracking, trending and optimizing advertising performance is part of everything we do. Internet messaging, television, radio and print all have the capability to be tracked, trended and maximized.

Our customized Brand Scorecard provides unique views of performance and is developed to ensure that a consumer response to a marketing message is understood and quickly acted upon, in near real-time to drive an optimized ROI.

Understanding marketplace context is critical, and we continually monitor economic and social factors that might affect consumers as we seek out new and different ways of interacting with them.

Our leadership and involvement with industry committees and organizations ensure best-in-class and up-to-the minute media practices.