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Ad Age ,  Apr 09, 2014

Getting There: Audrey Siegel, President and Co-Founder of
The Flairist,  Feb 24, 2014

Audrey Siegel Featured in The Way The Industry Sees It
Madison Avenue Insights,  Jan 30, 2014

Steve Minichini on #CES2014: Top 5 Takeaways of the Week
iMedia Connection,  Jan 13, 2014

Gary Carr Offers Colleagues Final Thoughts Before Retirement
Broadcasting & Cable,  Dec 12, 2013

Steve Minichini Appointed as Chief Innovation & Growth Officer
Crain's NY Business,  Nov 15, 2013

Kevin Arsham Discusses Key Marketing Objectives
AMA,  Oct 16, 2013

Gary Carr Comments on TV Season's Second Week
Ad Age ,  Oct 04, 2013

Q&A With Maxxcom's Steve Farella
MediaPost,  Sep 23, 2013

Gary Carr Discusses Q4 Prices in the Media Market
MediaPost,  Sep 20, 2013

Steve Minichini selected as MediaPost 2013 Online All Star
MeidaPost,  Sep 18, 2013

Steve Minichini's Input on the Twitter IPO
DMNews,  Sep 12, 2013

TargetCast tcm President Audrey Siegel Receives Industry Honor as min Sweet 16
min,  Sep 11, 2013

Audrey Siegel Featured in NYT Piece : A Reinvented Conde Nast Traveler Sets a New Course
The New York Times,  Sep 08, 2013

Gary Carr Discusses Arsenio Hall's Return to Late-Night
Wall Street Journal,  Sep 05, 2013

Audrey Siegel on Building Consumer Engagement
The Makegood,  Sep 04, 2013

Audrey Siegel Comments about Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post
The Economist Group,  Aug 07, 2013

Audrey Siegel Listed as Member of Jury for 2013 OMMA Awards
MediaPost,  Jul 24, 2013

TargetCast Coverage: NetCosts
MediaDailyNews,  Jul 12, 2013

Broadcast Network Ad Prices Decline In Q1 For First Time In Three Years: Report
Deadline Hollywood,  Jul 11, 2013

Roni Jenkins Comments on's Adaption To Programmatic World
AdExchanger,  Jun 27, 2013

Audrey Siegel Interviews with David Taintor
Adweek,  Jun 17, 2013

Slide Show: 9 Marketing Trends For 2013's Second Half,  Jun 17, 2013

Phil Sloan Comments on Facebook's Decision to Simplify Ad-Buying Process
Adotas,  Jun 07, 2013

Audrey Siegel Discusses Brand Control by Advertisers on Social Media Sites
New York Times,  Jun 03, 2013

TargetCast's Minichini: Mobile Banners Are Like A Gateway Drug
MediaPost,  May 22, 2013

Gary Carr Disucusses the Upfronts and Current Challenges for Broadcast Networks
NY Times,  May 13, 2013

Steve Minichini's Take On A Channel-Agnostic Approach to Social Media
AMA Marketing News,  Apr 15, 2013

Gary Carr in Ad Age's Cover Story Issue
Ad Age,  Apr 08, 2013

Gary Carr Discusses 'Tonight Show' Shuffle
Ad Age,  Apr 08, 2013

Steve Minichini Interviews Molly Soat
AMA Marketing News,  Mar 14, 2013

Audrey Siegel Interviews with Bloomberg Businessweek
Meredith,  Mar 14, 2013

TargetCast Discusses Decline of Cable Spots
Broadcast & Cable,  Mar 13, 2013

Broadcast Still Trying to Find the Next Friends: Gary Carr Provides Feedback
Adweek,  Mar 10, 2013

Advertising Age, Media Magazine Honor TargetCast tcm
Marketwire,  Feb 04, 2013

TargetCast Discusses TV Ad Spend Stability
MediaPost,  Feb 01, 2013

TargetCast Hires Diana Bald, EVP, Marketing and Business Development
TargetCast Press Release,  Jan 30, 2013

Diana Bald Joins TargetCast
Hispanic Market Weekly,  Jan 30, 2013

TargetCast Named as 2013 Agency to Watch
Ad Age,  Jan 28, 2013

Finding the TV Buys You Overlook: Q&A with Audrey Siegel
Ad Age,  Jan 18, 2013

Dave Leitner Joins TargetCast as EVP and Managing Director Client Services
TargetCast Press Release,  Jan 14, 2013

Steve Farella's Take on 'What is an Agency'
Ad Exchanger ,  Jan 08, 2013

A Big Gun for Smaller Brands: Independent Media Services of the Year - TargetCast
MediaPost,  Dec 28, 2012

Darus Zahm Discusses In-App Advertising
Mobile Marketer,  Dec 24, 2012

Gary Carr Discusses Steady TV Spots Rates
MediaPost,  Dec 21, 2012

Gary Carr Discusses Costs of Broadcast Spots Excluding Olympics
Broadcast & Cable,  Dec 21, 2012

Gary Carr Discusses CNN's President Jeff Zucker and Unit Costs
Broadcast & Cable,  Dec 03, 2012

Gary Carr Discusses Maryland and Rutger's Addition to the Big Ten
New York Post ,  Nov 22, 2012

Gary Carr's Take on Timeshifting
MediaLife ,  Nov 15, 2012

Cyndi April and Michael Parent Discuss the Battle Behind Cable Blackouts
MediaPost,  Nov 12, 2012

Cyndi April Discusses Benefits of Newsweek's Online Magazine Transition
MediaLife,  Oct 22, 2012

Steve Farella Speaks on Palladium Panel
Palladium Panel,  Oct 18, 2012

Steve Farella Discusses 2012's Political Ad Spending and Its Impact on Ad Industry
Madison Avenue,  Oct 15, 2012

Steve Minichini's Thoughts on IE10's 'Do Not Track' Setting
Computerworld,  Oct 04, 2012

New York Life Focuses On Families
MediaPost,  Sep 19, 2012

Dene Callas Appointed Managing Director at Maxxcom
MediaPost,  Sep 18, 2012

TargetCast Inside Generates Big Accounts, Ups Orell To New Biz Director
MediaPost,  Sep 04, 2012

Gary Carr's Take on the Consequences of Jimmy Kimmel's Newly Scheduled Showtime
New York Post,  Aug 29, 2012

Gary Carr Discusses Consequences of Channel Blackouts
New York Post,  Aug 24, 2012

TargetCast Listed in Top 16 Media Buying Agencies to Attend Annual Fantasy Football Draft Party
Adweek,  Aug 23, 2012

Steve Minichini Discusses Tracking Regulations Within The Advertisement Industry
Direct Marketing News,  Aug 01, 2012

Evan Rutchik Comments On Facebook's Latest Advertising Strategy
Mobile Marketer,  Jul 10, 2012

TargetCast & 180LA Launch New Expedia Campaign
MediaPost,  Jul 10, 2012

Michael Parent Explains What A Weaker Upfront Means
Broadcast & Cable,  Jun 18, 2012

Gary Carr Discusses Q2 '12 NetCosts Report
Broadcast & Cable,  Jun 06, 2012

Gary Carr Explains How Ad Dollars Are Shifting
New York Post,  Jun 03, 2012

Gary Carr Discusses GM's Advertising Changes
New York Post,  May 29, 2012

TargetCast & BDM Win Lands' End Account
Ad Age,  May 25, 2012

Gary Carr - Media Life Interview
Media Life Magazine,  May 22, 2012

Gary Carr's Thoughts On NFL Advertising For The 2012-2013 Season
New York Post,  May 14, 2012

Gary Carr's Tips For Surviving The Upfronts
Broadcast & Cable,  May 14, 2012

Steve Farella Explains How TV Still Holds Sway
The New York Times,  May 13, 2012

Gary Carr - TV Upfronts
MediaPost,  May 11, 2012

Steve Farella Discusses Network Upfronts
Adweek,  Apr 30, 2012

Philippe Sloan Discusses the Success of In-App Ads
Mobile Marketer,  Apr 25, 2012

Steve Farella's TargetCast is a Connector of Great Ideas
TheMakeGood,  Apr 24, 2012

Gary Carr Discusses Relationships Between Cable Systems and Networks,  Apr 09, 2012

Starting Up: An Interview With Steve Farella
Media Post,  Apr 02, 2012

Steve Farella Discusses Linking Digital Video and Television For Successful Advertising
Cable Fax Daily,  Mar 27, 2012

Can TargetCast Acquisition Help Ambitious MDC Partners' Maxxcom Make a Splash in Media?
More About Advertising,  Mar 26, 2012

MDC Partners Acquires Majority Partnership Interest in TargetCast
MDC Partners,  Mar 20, 2012

MDC Partners to Acquire Majority Stake in TargetCast Partnership
The New York Times,  Mar 20, 2012

MDC Acquires TargetCast, Forms Maxxcom Global Media
MediaPost,  Mar 20, 2012

TargetCast CEO Steven Farella on the MDC Acquisition
Ad Age,  Mar 20, 2012

Darus Zahm Speaks of Potential in NFC Technology
iMedia Connection,  Mar 12, 2012

New Paths at TargetCast tcm
Media Daily News,  Mar 05, 2012

Gary Carr Explains the Ups and Downs of TV Premier Promotion
Adweek,  Mar 05, 2012

Audrey Siegel Speaks Up About Tablets in Advertising
MediaPost Publications,  Feb 28, 2012

Steve Farella Outlines His Views on the STB VOD Market,  Feb 27, 2012

Michele Buslik- Media Insights Q & A,  Feb 24, 2012

Gary Carr Discusses Why 'Conan' is Being Renewed
New York Post,  Feb 23, 2012

Gary Carr Comments on the Surprisingly Lowering Rates of New Series 'Smash'
New York Post,  Feb 22, 2012

Farella and Siegel Interviewed: Running Your Own Ad Agency Amid a Sea of Giants
FINS,  Feb 14, 2012

Gary Carr Makes Mention of the Gradual Shift Young People Are Making from Old-Fashioned Television
New York Times,  Feb 08, 2012

Gary Carr Comments on the Rise of Commercial Prices During Last Three Quarters of 2011
Adweek,  Feb 07, 2012

Steve Minichini Suggests to "Keep it Light" with Interactive Marketing for Optimal Consumer Connections
Adweek,  Feb 06, 2012

Steve Minichini Compares Ad Pricing for TV and Superbowl Commercials
Fins Student,  Feb 02, 2012

Gary Carr Explains the Upcoming Presentations by Networks for Ad Review
Broadcasting & Cable,  Jan 30, 2012

Gary Carr Comments on Buying of SuperBowl Air-time
New York Post,  Jan 24, 2012

Gary Carr Talks about Syndication in Broadcasting and Cable
Broadcasting and Cable,  Jan 23, 2012

Gary Carr Delivers Insight on Super Bowl Advertising
Media Life,  Jan 04, 2012

Steve Farella Discusses the Shifting of Radio Today
iMedia Connection,  Jan 03, 2012

Audrey Siegel Speaks of New Hope for Newspaper Industry
International Business Times,  Dec 19, 2011

Steve Minichini Gives Advice on Expanding Your Agency
iMediaConnection,  Dec 06, 2011

Evan Rutchik Discusses Successful Strategy For AMC Shows
MediaPost,  Nov 22, 2011

TargetCast tcm's Steve Minichini is Awarded as a Media All-Star by Adweek
Adweek,  Nov 22, 2011

Steve Minichini Comments In "Online Privacy Tools Don't Work Well",  Nov 17, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on High Ad Rates Set By Katie Couric
The New York Post,  Nov 16, 2011

Steve Farella Talks Creative on the Move,  Nov 08, 2011

Michele Buslik Shares Her Media Insight with Media Post
Media Post,  Nov 02, 2011

Roberta Garfinkle Discusses Print Strategy with Adweek
Adweek,  Oct 31, 2011

Steve Farella Discusses the OOH Media Challenges for Agencies and the Importance of Brand Strategy
Media Daily News,  Oct 20, 2011

The Future of Media Forum- Overview by Audrey Siegel
MediaPost Communications,  Oct 10, 2011

TargetCast tcm Wins Top Honors for Integrated Online Campaign
TargetCast tcm,  Sep 30, 2011

TargetCast tcm Partners with Grok to Launch 1st Big Branding Push for Taleo
Adweek,  Sep 29, 2011

TargetCast tcm Hosts Dynamic Discussion Session During Advertising Week 2011
Targetcast tcm,  Sep 16, 2011

Audrey Siegel Remembers 9/11
Media Post,  Sep 09, 2011

TargetCast tcm Is Recognized for the Fourth Time in Inc. Magazine's 500|5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies!
TargetCast tcm,  Aug 25, 2011

Steve Farella Illustrates How TargetCast tcm "Moves the Earth" For Their Clients
Media Post,  Aug 24, 2011

Audrey Siegel and Steve Farella Explain How They've Reinvented Their Bonus Plan
Crain's New York,  Aug 19, 2011

Steve Farella Observes Advertisers' Budgets in Article: Media Storm Clouds
Crain's New York,  Aug 18, 2011

Audrey Siegel Remarks on the Upfront Deals in Media Buyers: Upfront Deals Remain Solid
Media Daily News,  Aug 15, 2011

Your Help is Needed: The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Annual Labor Day Telethon
TargetCast,  Aug 10, 2011

Gary Carr Comments On Hulu Gang Decides To Put On A Show
eCommerce Times,  Aug 05, 2011

Steve Minichini Comments On Gauging Google+'s Chances For Success
Media Life,  Jul 28, 2011

Steve Minichini Comments On Why Facebook May Have the Numbers But Google+ May Get The Ads
eCommerce,  Jul 11, 2011

Steve Farella Comments On News Corp. Hacking Fallout Spreads To U.S.
AdWeek,  Jul 07, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on TV Spot Prices On The Rise
Variety,  Jun 23, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on In Their Prime: Broadcast Spot Costs Soar
Ad Week,  Jun 22, 2011

Steve Minichini Comments On The Complexity Monster
Media Post,  Jun 08, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on Broadcast Upfront Pegged At $9B, NBC Grabs 9% Gains So Far
Media News Daily,  Jun 07, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on What's Behind CBS's Strength This Fall
Media Life Magazine,  Jun 07, 2011

Steve Farella Comments on The Upfront's Biggest Loser? The Web
Digiday,  Jun 02, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on Nets Prep For Ad Frenzy
Variety,  Jun 01, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on Life After Oprah
New York Post,  May 24, 2011

Steve Farella Comments on Tremor Media Launching 'Video Hub' Console, Gives Marketers Deep Insight Into Why Campaigns Perform
Virtual Strategy Magazine,  May 23, 2011

TargetCast tcm Negotiates 7 Major League Baseball Teams 'Safe Calls' For New York Life
Sports Business Wire,  May 20, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on US Networks Vie For $18bn In Ad Contracts
Financial Times,  May 19, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on Advertisers Lose Grip On NBC Shows
New York Post,  May 17, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on Advertisers Intrigued By 'Smash' And 'Prime Suspect' But Question Sitcoms,  May 16, 2011

Steve Farella Comments on TV Networks Expect A Jump In Spending On Commercials
New York Times,  May 15, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on Market Forces Stir Upfront Ads
Variety,  May 14, 2011

Steve Minichini Comments on Privacy Groups Applaud Rockefeller's Do Not Track Bill,  May 10, 2011

Audrey Siegel Comments on Time Inc. Lags Rivals in iPad Rush - Why?
AdWeek,  May 09, 2011

Roberta Garfinkle Comments on Digital Saves Day for Newspaper Subscriptions
Crain's New York Business,  May 03, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on Broadcast's Departing Soaps, Oprah Give Women's Cable Nets an Opening
Broadcasting & Cable,  Apr 26, 2011

TargetCast tcm CEO Steve Farella Named Cannes Lions Media Juror
Press Release,  Apr 25, 2011

Audrey Siegel Comments on Publishers Controlling Their Own Destiny
Media Industry Newsletter,  Apr 25, 2011

Audrey Siegel Comments on the MPA Enhance Web-Site.
The New Single Copy,  Apr 25, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on Entertainment Cable Networks Poised for Strong Upfront
Broadcasting and Cable,  Apr 22, 2011

Steve Minichini Comments on Kerry-McCain Bill Must Reexamine Privacy Issue
Media Post,  Apr 19, 2011

Steve Minichini Comments on Senators Kerry, McCain Introduce Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Bill Share
eWeek,  Apr 14, 2011

Steve Minichini Comments on Ad Community Upset About Kerry's Privacy Bill
AdWeek,  Apr 13, 2011

Michael Parent Comments on Glenn Beck out at Fox News
Crains,  Apr 11, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on NFL Ad Dollars Could Flow To Prime Time
Media Post,  Apr 08, 2011

Roberta Garfinkle Comments on With HGTV Magazine, Hearst Looks for Lightning to Strike Twice
AdWeek,  Apr 07, 2011

TargetCast Provides Their Point of View: The Print Industry Gets it Right
GfK,  Apr 05, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on CNN's Pitch for a Comeback
Broadcasting & Cable,  Apr 04, 2011

Audrey Siegel comments on Magazines' New Rules for Counting Digital Sales
Advertising Age,  Mar 22, 2011

Pam Griffin comments on eMusic's Virtual Road Tour
MediaPost,  Mar 17, 2011

Audrey Siegel Comments on the Exit of Time Magazine's Randall Rothenberg
Media Week,  Mar 01, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on the Potential NFL Impact on L.A.
Variety,  Mar 01, 2011

Gary Carr Comments on if WB/CBS Can Afford To Lose Two and Half Men
The Wrap,  Mar 01, 2011

Steve Farella and Steve Minichini comment on Seven Steps To A Successful Acquisition
Crain's,  Feb 28, 2011

Audrey Siegel Comments on Time Magazine's Firing of CEO Jack Griffin
Ad Week,  Feb 24, 2011

Steve Minichini's take on Murdoch's new "The Daily"
AdWeek,  Feb 23, 2011

TargetCast tcm Named 2011 JFAM Media Strategy Award Winner
TargetCast tcm,  Feb 23, 2011

Gary Carr comments on The Oscar's Ad Pricing
Media Life,  Feb 23, 2011

TargetCast tcm Opens New Division
Multiple ,  Feb 22, 2011

TargetCast tcm Named Media Agency of Record for UniGroup, Inc.
Multiple,  Feb 17, 2011

Gary Carr comments on Grammy's Largest Audience Since 2000
Crains New York Business,  Feb 15, 2011

Roberta Garfinkle comments on Next Issue's Consortium
Adweek,  Feb 15, 2011

TargetCast tcm Named Media Agency of Record for Rydex SGI
Press Release,  Feb 10, 2011

Larry Orell Joins TargetCast tcm
New York Times,  Feb 09, 2011

Steve Minichini comments on the AOL/HuffPo deal
Crains,  Feb 08, 2011

Gary Carr comments on Charlie Sheen's $1 Billion Bender
AdWeek,  Feb 07, 2011

Gary Carr comments on with no Charlie Sheen, CBS Mulls Its Monday Lineup
New York Times,  Feb 03, 2011

TargetCast tcm Launches New Unit to Put Media Services 'In-House' at Partner Agencies
Marketwire,  Feb 02, 2011

TargetCast tcm Launches New Unit
Press Release,  Feb 02, 2011

Hearst Corp. gets Hachette Filipacchi
Crain's New York Business,  Jan 31, 2011

Look, Up in the Air: It's a Bird, a Plane, Captive Affluent Print Readers
Advertising Age,  Jan 30, 2011

Second 'Skins' episode to tell ratings story
Variety,  Jan 25, 2011

Olbermann's Exit May Cost MSNBC Ad Revs
MediaPost,  Jan 24, 2011

An Irreverent Campaign From Bon Appetit
New York Times,  Jan 23, 2011

Working Mother Honors TargetCast tcm's Schiemel As a Trailblazer Mom
New York, NY,  Jan 19, 2011

Just An Online Minute... MEDIA Magazine Hosts Night Of Courage, Genius, And *GASP!* Emotion!
MediaPost,  Jan 13, 2011

TargetCast named Independent Media Agency of the Year 2010
MediaPost,  Jan 07, 2011

TargetCast Taps Two From ZenithOptimedia
MediaPost,  Jan 06, 2011

How Technology is Changing Communications OR Download File
Mediaweek, Adweek, Brandweek,  Jan 05, 2011

Behind The Rising Cost Of TV Advertising
Media Life,  Dec 07, 2010

Cost Of Network Prime Spots Flatten In 2Q And 3Q Due To Strong Scatter Market While Cable Growth Continues
Media Post,  Nov 29, 2010

Prime-Time Spots Steady, Long-Term Costs To Drop
Media Daily News,  Nov 29, 2010

The Reign of Right-Wing Primetime
Yahoo! TV Blog,  Nov 10, 2010

TBS Fills Extra HD Ad Space With Promos
Media News Daily,  Oct 26, 2010

Steve Farella & Audrey Siegel 2010 Mediaweek Media All-Stars
Mediaweek,  Oct 17, 2010

Content Farms: Angels or Devils?
AdWeek,  Oct 10, 2010

TargetCast Confab Panelists Predict Future of Print Media
Media Week,  Sep 29, 2010

New devices, new models: Rethinking magazines and newspapers for ever more paperless world
Real Advertising Media Week,  Sep 29, 2010

What the Media Agency of the Future Will Look Like
AdAge,  Sep 27, 2010

This Christmas, Best Buy Betting on Power of TV to Sell TVs
Advertising Age,  Sep 27, 2010

Media Outlook 2011: Radio
Media Week,  Sep 26, 2010

Madison Avenue Anticipates Better Days for NBC
Broadcasting Cable,  Sep 24, 2010

"Mad Men" Cable Net Green Lights Agencies
AdWeek,  Sep 17, 2010

TargetCast tcm Named to INC. Magazine's 4th Annual 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies
INC. Magazine,  Sep 01, 2010

Trade show reality check
News & Tech,  Aug 31, 2010

A Look at Where Movie-Marketing Dollars Have Gone
Advertising Age,  Aug 31, 2010

Strong Upfront Now a Little Less So: As the economic news wallows, clients pull back on commitments made earlier this summer
AdWeek,  Aug 30, 2010

eMusic Amps Up Digital Music Brand,  Aug 19, 2010

eMusic is about to get more aggressive
BillBoard Biz,  Aug 19, 2010

ESPN Gives Its Magazine a Tighter Embrace
New York Times,  Aug 19, 2010

No Consultants Required: That's become a common refrain in these procurement-driven times
AdWeek,  Aug 01, 2010

Live, From the NFL: Networks say 'no' to C3 ratings for football
AdWeek,  Jul 12, 2010

A Cover Credit for Clothing
New York Times,  Jul 05, 2010

Advertisers Walk on the Wild Side
Broadcasting & Cable,  Jun 28, 2010

Out of Print: Marketers Who Severely Cut Back in '09
Brandweek,  Jun 27, 2010

RDA Moves to Mend: Edit tweaks to flagship, new digital efforts in the works
MediaWeek,  Jun 13, 2010

Viva Vevo: Video site passes Hulu in users, finds Hispanic niche
MediaWeek,  Jun 06, 2010

Print's power remains, as several publishers attest
Newspapers & Technology,  Jun 01, 2010

Networks seek upfront uptick on ad gains
New York Post,  May 31, 2010

In New Era of TV, Rival Hosts Drown Out King
The New York Times,  May 26, 2010

Upfront TV: TargetCast CEO Farella Talks Fox
MediaWeek,  May 17, 2010

Webdenda: People and Accounts of Note in Advertising
The New York Times,  May 14, 2010

Media Buyers: Newsweek Sale Won't Affect Mag's Ad Value,  May 06, 2010

Updated: Newsweek for Sale
MediaWeek,  May 05, 2010

The iPad's video marketing implications
iMediaConnection,  May 03, 2010

BofA's influence on U.S. history, as seen on TV
Los Angeles Times,  Apr 30, 2010

A different take on the state of magazines
Media Life,  Apr 14, 2010

Google: Too Many Moving Parts?
Adweek,  Apr 12, 2010

Media Sellers Nix Buy Plan
Adweek,  Apr 12, 2010

Keeping Track of Late Night Online
ABC News,  Mar 29, 2010