It takes guts to create an agency from scratch. It also takes vision, determination, boundless energy and experience borne out of both success and failure. Creating a company is not for the faint of heart, and certainly not for those easily discouraged. The creation of TargetCast tcm is a labor of love, a commitment to something that is unique in the media agency marketplace, and a statement about how far we believe our industry can go.

We created TargetCast to provide an agency partner for strong independent brands who were becoming increasingly marginalized within the mega-agency structure. We are determined to deliver excellence on all fronts - research, strategy, insights, ideas, implementation and pricing - to those brands fighting it out everyday in highly competitive marketplaces against formidable opponents.

We assembled a management team devoted to our shared vision. We set about creating a working environment where professional talent would be nurtured, appreciated and applauded. Working directly on client business, we ensure that our vision continues to inform and impact the development of the agency and the success of our client's business.

TargetCast tcm is the living embodiment of our determination to create a new, unfettered, unencumbered total communications management agency where innovation is embraced, and opportunity is unlimited.

We're ready to work with you to help your business grow.

Steve Farella, Co-founder, CEO
Audrey Siegel, Co-founder, President